Friday, October 19, 2007

En kär anhörig till Pinkelink...

... fick sin trappuppgång full av stickgraffiti...

...någonstans i Fredhäll...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

STICKKONTAKT och en av KNITTAS medlemmar...

... ute på Stockholms gator med stickor och garn.
Knitta vid Sergels torg och Kungsan..

Stickkontakt i Kungsan....


Knitta och Stickkontakt i colab'.
Brunaluna - Stickkontakt - Stockholm
Polycotn - Knitta - Houston

Pinkelink och Polycotn stickar en stolpe åt skejtarna
vid polerna i Björns trädgård

Friday, October 5, 2007


....och vi ser fram emot att "tagga" ner Stockholm tillsammans med en av medlemmarna i Knitta som kommer hit.

Fragment av vår kontakt....

Hello!>> My name is ****** and i´am one of the members in stickkontakt ,> we heard that you are coming to Sweden on saturday.>> We would love to see you! If you have the time and feel like> it.> What brings you to Sweden? We are curious you can reach me on my cell ************* Take care and have a safe flight to Stockholm>>> ps If you need any info about what to do here , don´t> hesitate to> ask ds>> Love from stickkontakt /***** aka Pinkelink

Hey!One of my best friends lives there. I think I am available onSaturday evening if you would like to meet up or something. I evenhave some piece I am bringing if you want to go tagging with me.My cell is ********** hope to see you!*******
Fortsättning följer (hoppas vi)